Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. in Gap Mills, WV.

Award Winning, Best Tasting Water – International Water Tasting

Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. is proud of the services and the products we provide. In 2010, we were recognized at the International Water Tasting competition for being the only company to win for four years. Our award winning, best tasting water comes directly from our springs to you, ensuring the top quality.

Part of the attraction of spring water is that is often water that has moved to the surface from some type of underground water source. As such, the water is considered to be free of contaminants as well as unspoiled by the use of modern filtration techniques. Many proponents note that the liquid has a naturally refreshing taste that cannot be replicated by other types of water.

About Our Company

Our springs are located near the top of Peters Mountain, along the eastern Continental Divide, in the Sweet Springs Valley of Monroe County, West Virginia. Our fresh, spring water is gravity-fed to our bottling facility, where it is filtered to ensure its purity.

We invite you to watch our 2010 YouTube™ interview, by Sweet Valley GreenWorks, to learn even more about what we do. It features Howdy Henritz, the plant and sales manager of Sweet Springs Valley Water, discussing our company’s spring water business and regulation. Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. has shown growth over the years and we take pride in providing safe water to our customers.

Award-Winning Water

Our water has won four international first-place awards for the best-tasting water at the Winter Festival of the Waters. We won this international water-tasting competition in ’91, ’93, ’95, and ’97. We serve customers in Southern West Virginia and Southwestern Virginia, an approximate 80-mile radius of our offices. Contact us to request services when you want fresh and pure bottled spring water for your employees, clients, and family.

Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. in Gap Mills, WV.