Distilled Water from Sweet Springs Water

Distillation of Water – Great for Home Uses

Derived from our natural spring water, we start by removing the minerals. We then heat the water to a boil and collect the steam, which is cooled and condensed back into a pure liquid form. Steam-distilled water contains no solids, minerals, or trace elements. In addition to drinking, our steam-distilled water is also great for many home uses, including cooking, baby formula, low-sodium diets, humidifiers, CPAP machines, aquariums, and much more!

Health Advantages of Distilled Water

There are three major health advantages to distilled water: removing contaminants, eliminating chemicals, and no additives. Distilled water is the preferred type of water to use in various machines because it does not leave deposits behind. It is great for anyone with sensitivities to chemicals, like chlorine or fluoride that may be added to the water treatment process. Distilling water helps eliminate toxins and other additives that many people to not have in the water they use.

Some health advisors may caution against the use of distilled water because the process does also remove important minerals. However, the lack of minerals can be compensated for in other ways in the diet, such as through supplements like a multivitamin. There are additional ways for distilled water users to make ‘super water,’ by adding enzymes and nutrients from the following to a gallon of distilled water:

• Two tablespoons of non-pasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar
• Juice from ½ organic lemon
• Two ounces organic aloe vera juice

A good rule of thumb, to determine the number of ounces of super distilled water to drink on a daily basis, is to divide your body weight by two.

Distilled Water in Gallon-size Bottles

Customers of Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. have it made, with distilled water in gallon-size bottles. Our convenient distilled water can be used for a variety of purposes, and the gallon-size bottles are handy enough to take on-the-go wherever water is needed most. Be assured of quality taste and freshness that can only come from Sweet Springs Valley Water Co.

Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. provides distilled water by the gallon in Gap Mills, WV.