Point-of-Use Water Filters from Sweet Springs Water

Bringing the Best WV Water to You

Point-of-use water filters from Sweet Springs Water Co., provide the best quality to your home or office location. Superior water can be yours with the use of the right filters to meet your needs. Keep concerns over water-borne cysts and other standard water pollutants from affecting anyone who ingests from your tap.

Filtered Water Cooler Connects to Your Plumbing System

Filtered water coolers from Sweet Springs Water connect to your building’s existing plumbing system, to filter out any contaminants. These point-of-use water coolers provide fast and filtered water without the tastes and flavors of municipal water systems, by removing traces of lead, sediment, and other impurities. Common problems can occur in municipal systems when not enough chlorination is in place.

Point-of-Use Filtered Water Cooler Benefits

Our point-of-use water coolers deliver fresh and clean tasting water by filtering out the unpleasant taste and odors of chlorine associated with many municipal water supplies. Our filtration systems are also effective in removing odors and taste sediment, lead, and cysts, and are available in hot and cold models.

Giardia and cryptosporidium are just two of the most common contaminants that can cause stomach distress, which can be avoided by the active use of proper water filtration. One of the benefits of filtered water is that it eliminates storage issues. Additional benefits of filtered water by our company are that there are no bottle deposits, no lifting of 42-pound bottles, no delivery inconvenience, and no concerns about running out of water. Clean-tasting water is easy and convenient, at the touch of the tap.

Water Dispenser Options

Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. also provides a couple of bottled water dispenser options:

Ceramic Crock

The ceramic crock requires no electrical outlet, so water is dispensed at room temperature quickly and easily. Various patterns are available in the ceramic crock to fit your home décor.

Dolphin Pump

The dolphin pump is easy and convenient, requiring no electricity or batteries. Simply push down on the top of the pump and water is dispensed.

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Sweet Springs Valley Water Co. provides point-of-use water filters in Gap Mills, WV.